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The Unsplash Awards celebrate the thousands of contributors who share their work and push creativity forward every day. And now, the wait is over — it’s time for us to recognize the finalists from this year.

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Russia, St. Petersburg — Blender 3.2
Selected in
Unsplash Awards 2023

The moment I saw this image it immediately spoke to me. We are living in times where some months feel like years and years feel like a month. The choice of color (or lack of), shape, and composition help to communicate that time as a whole is nothing more than a collection of glimpses. Well done.

Pablo Vazquez
Head of Design and Communications — Blender

Bob Brewer

Sussex, UK — Sony ILCE-9
Selected in
Unsplash Awards 2023

There is something so relatable about the protective and caring parent sheltering their vulnerable and dependent child from the elements. I look at this photo and see both the fragility and resilience of nature captured in a single frame.

Joe Dix
Global Head of Digital — WWF

Jens R.

Denmark — Canon EOS 450D
Selected in
Architecture & Interiors
Unsplash Awards 2023

This photo captures how architecture can create sublime spaces, putting us in a new context that makes us aware of what humans can build. The lighting and textures are perfectly captured. The more you look at it, you get transported to the center of that monumental space.

David Basulto
Founder & Director — Arch Daily

Food Photographer

Moscow, Russia
Selected in
Unsplash Awards 2023

Thought-provoking and well-executed are the two words that crossed my mind when choosing this image. Like many successful experimental imagery, this one comments on the socio-political issue of its’ time – in this case, food scarcity. What is the future of food? Will it be bio-engineered and how will we access it? The photographer’s technical knowledge is demonstrated in their ability to light different surfaces cohesively and composite it all together.

Jed Tallo
Founder & Creative Director — Jed Tallo Studio

Katy Pritchett

Los Angeles, California
Selected in
Fashion & Beauty
Unsplash Awards 2023

I chose this image as there’s a modernity but timeless quality to it. I felt it has echoes of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the light play on the model’s features is interesting.

From an editorial point of view if could work to illustrate tricky features in a conceptual way, or stories relating to beauty and light or laser treatments which can often prove a challenge to visualize.

Siân Parry
Picture Director, International (Luxury) — Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, ELLE

Mykyta Kravčenko

Florida, USA — Nikon F
Selected in
Unsplash Awards 2023

I chose this photo because it feels cinematic. You can imagine seeing this shot in a film and I love how the photographer has taken advantage of the film's aesthetic (I think it is CineStill 800T). It feels like they knew the red lights were going to be processed by this particular film in this way, and they made sure to focus on them. The leading lines really help focus your attention on the halation of the red lights bouncing off the ceiling of the tunnel too.

Karen Freer
Marketing Manager — Analogue Wonderland

Martin Sanchez

United States
Selected in
Unsplash Awards 2023

My imagination immediately lit up viewing this photo! While the logical side of my brain sees a volcanic eruption, I couldn't help but also imagine the eye of a dragon or another otherworldly creature. What I love about this aerial image—and drone photography in general—is how it forces an abstract view and an opportunity to see the natural world in a new way. The power of this dynamic landscape is certainly on display here, and it's worth taking a long look to appreciate the fine detail and subtlety of the light and color.

Sarah Gardner
Director of Social Media — National Geographic


Selected in
Unsplash Awards 2023

This image stood out to me because I can feel the connection between the person being photographed and the moment. Visually, it evokes contrast. From the color to the angle, this photograph has spirit.

Josue Rivas
Creative Director — Indigena
Selected in
Unsplash Awards 2023

At first glance, I was attracted by the beauty, minimalism, and symmetry. But what really did it for me was the subtle nod to the surreal- the rowboat transformed into a creature, an aquatic insect gliding across the water’s surface. It turns an intense sporting moment into something that sparks the imagination and challenges conventional sports photography.

Viviane Labelle
Concept Creator — Nike

Michal Vrba

Bratislava, Slovakia — Sony Alpha 7 IV
Selected in
Unsplash Awards 2023

The photograph captures a masterful combination of a strong sense of place with a human element and conveys a sense of adventure and travel without being overly literal and prescriptive. The striking bold colours and graphic shapes in perfect space ratio create a mood, an expectation, a curiosity about this image.

Karin Mueller
Visuals Director — Condé Nast Traveller

Touann Gatouillat Vergos

India — Sony Alpha 7 IV
Selected in
Community Photo of the Year
Unsplash Awards 2023

We asked the community to vote for the most impactful image of 2023. The votes are in — congratulations to Touann Gatouillat Vergos whose image is this year’s Photo of the Year.

I love the composition, and the way the shadow and light play off each other. The photo is very minimalist but at the same time shows an incredible amount of details.”

— Nominated by Raphael Lovaski

And that’s a wrap! 🎉

A massive thank you to everyone that took the time to submit to the 7th edition of the Unsplash Awards, and huge congratulations to all of the extremely talented finalists and shortlisted contributors this year.

A special thank you to our incredible Judges and to this year's sponsor, Crucial, for helping make it so special.

See you next year 👋

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